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Why Plan Ahead

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Planning your funeral arrangements in advance can offer you and your family a number of benefits. Below are listed some of the most important reasons why you should consider our pre-planning services.

From the beginning of recorded history, societies have honored those who have passed, with a traditional ceremony. Families then believed they were sending their deceased on a journey into the afterlife. Today, however, most have come to agree that the service benefits those loved ones who are left behind after the death. A service provides the opportunity for family, and other loved ones to be together in support of each other. These are the times when the ones we care about the most, need each other the remember, to share stories, and celebrate the relationships we shared with the one we lost. Most of us agree that this is a very important part of the healing process.

Why would I want to pre-plan?
By making the arrangement decisions yourself, you can tailor them to your own preferences. Even if you casually discuss these wishes at home amongst yourselves, it can't cover all the choices and options that can be presented. These decisions would be better made by you with the help of your funeral professional, at a time when there is no grief or stress involved. That way, all your wishes will be honored, and without the unnecessary burden on your loved ones, trying to second guess what you might have wanted. You will also have the opportunity to determine how and when you would like the funeral and cemetery purchases to be handled.

By making these decisions yourself, you will also spare your loved ones the burden of trying to make very difficult decisions, regarding both your personal wishes, and the financing, at a time when they are grieving and under great stress. These are choices that are better made at a time before the need arises, when most of us tend to think more clearly. It is also one of the kindest things you can do for the ones you love the most, so that this responsibility does not fall to them at this most difficult time.

When you pre-arrange, you eliminate the possibility of emotional overspending. In some cases, surviving family members can make emotional decisions in their time of bereavement, which can result in spending more on a funeral than the deceased would consider wise. Although the average funeral and burial costs much less today than people might think, we know it will cost more in the future. Inflation pushes funeral costs upward just like everything else. There are various payment plans available to fund a funeral, and this is an important issue to discuss with your funeral planning professional.

Things we always wanted to know about funerals, but were afraid to ask...
When pre-arranging with John J. Buettgen Funeral Home, you will receive some excellent advice. Our dedicated staff will discuss with you, all the options and choices, to help you determine what works best for you.

Meeting with a funeral professional is also a perfect time to ask any questions you might have had in the past, but never had the opportunity to ask. No matter what the are probably not the first to ask. Most of us plan for all of life's major events; i.e. buying a home, our children's college education and retirement. We also buy different kinds of insurance throughout our lives, hoping we won't have to use it. These are all efforts to do the sensible thing...and the right thing for our loved ones. We tend to want to prepare for whatever life throws at us, and our families. The one thing we sometimes forget to plan for is the one thing we will all have to use someday. This gives you the opportunity to make personal and financial decisions, ensuring your wishes will be honored.

This is why pre-planning and pre-funding makes good sense. The decisions you make will also lighten the emotional burden on your family, at the most difficult and stressful time for them.

Already made plans with another funeral home?
We applaud you for making this decision. If for any reason you are dissatisfied or unsure of your decision, you may transfer you preplan to John J. Buettgen Funeral Home. Remember it is your money and your choice. Transfers can be made prior to or after death. Contact us for more information.